Giving women knowledge about their body can empower them to make informed choices in life.
A screening test can help women plan: whether it be taking a leap up the career ladder, putting your finances in order or investigating health conditions early.

What does Zonas mean?

Our story

Our team is passionate about advancing women’s health and fertility for the modern-day woman. Women are climbing career ladders and pursuing dreams which may delay their fertility. We want to ensure women have knowledge about their bodies.

Patients are provided with life-saving healthcare everyday, but there is little conversation surrounding life-creating healthcare.

If women knew about their ovarian reserve, we could start the conversation.

Expanding our clinical team now!

If you are a fertility expert, a writer or passionate about improving women’s health, why not join our team? Email us at: yourzonas@gmail.com

Buy one, give one

For every Zonas Test you buy, we will donate a month supply of feminine hygiene products to homeless women.

Improving women’s health is our goal

Refer a friend and you get 10% off your next test and your friend will get 10% off too.