Zonas Tests are ideal for women between 18-50 years of age.
  • Zonas tests are for anyone, regardless of your age, race or fertility ambitions. Here is what we can do for you:
    • Screening for ovarian abnormalities – Elevated level of AMH can indicate PCOS.
    • Curiosity – Just want more knowledge about your own body? That’s completely fine! Learn about your ovaries today.
    • Pregnancy – If you’re thinking about having children at some point, you may want to track your ovarian reserve. With knowledge you can decided if now is the time for pregnancy, promotion or partying. We give you knowledge so you have options.
    • Menopause – Wondering how close you are to menopause? Low AMH levels can indicate less ovulating years left, this means you have less fertile years and are coming close to menopause.
  • Zonas Test can be repeated every 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The frequency of the test will depend on each individual case and the reason for testing. The more frequent the test, the better the ability to track decline in your levels of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH).
  • Zonas Tests can be done on any day of your cycle. If possible, take the test on the same day that you plan to post it back to us.
  • You may experience a short sharp scratch when the lancet is pressed down on your finger. There may be some sensitivity to the area for a couple of days after. Use the plasters provided in the Zonas box to reduce bleeding and bruising.
  • Bruising – a small bruise may appear at the finger-prick area which is a completely natural healing process and nothing to be worried about.
  • Pain – On pricking your finger, you may experience a sharp pain and then some tenderness on the site afterwards. By using the provided plasters and pressing down on the finger afterwards, the amount of bleeding and development of bruising can be reduced.
  • Infection – Any open wound on the body that is exposed to germs can cause an infection. By using the anti-bacterial wipes and then a plaster provided in Zonas Tests, After you have collected your sample, use the anti-bacterial wipes and then a plaster to reduce the risk of any infections developing.
  • At Zonas, we know that everyone feels differently about fertility. The Zonas team place patient confidentiality as a top priority.
  • Zonas Tests are unmarked and discretely packaged. We use Royal Mail to deliver your test to any address you want.
  • Your health information in completely confidential.
  • Ideally the test should be done within 30 days of ordering, but the test can last up to 2 months.
  • Zonas doctors will explain your results to you If you get a result that is outside the range, our doctors will explain what that means and additional tests to get done or you can take your results to your GP.
  • We advise to stop biotin supplements 2 days before you test as this may affect your result. The contraceptive pill and Hormone replacement therapy can affect your results.
  • It may be a good idea to take the test when you are on a break from this medication to get the most accurate results.