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STEP : 1

Fill in your health questionnaire and order the Zonas Test. (2 minutes)
Our doctors want to know more about you when they review your results.
Don’t worry because everything you share is confidential.

STEP : 2

Once you receive your Zonas Test, collect your blood sample. Collect about 10 drops of blood into the blood bottle. Be sure to fill in your patient request form, so our lab know it’s your blood.

STEP : 3

Post the sample through any letterbox with our pre-paid envelope.
Our lab will process your blood as soon as possible.
Zonas doctors will review the results, alongside your health questionnaire.

STEP : 4

Your results will be sent to you.
Repeat the test to track your AMH levels over time.


What’s in the box?

Instruction card – An easy to follow guide
Collection tube – You need about 10 drops of blood to fill up to the line
Test Request form – Make sure to sign and date this when you collect your sample.
Sample plastic bag – Place your blood bottle in here.
Postage-paid return envelope –Post this on the same day or the day after collecting your sample.
Lancets – A small, safe and easy to use device to replace prick your finger with collect your blood.
Antimicrobial wipes – clean your finger before and after taking your sample.
Plasters – Plasters to stop the bleeding and reduce bruising.

Without ZONAS

Never offered
This test will not be routinely offered to subfertile couples on the NHS.
Cost of Infertility Treatments
Identifying issues late in your fertility journey may result in costly fertility treatments .
Expert help
Fertility experts are not always available to you.


1 Week
You will get your test results within 1 week.
Save money
Identifying abnormalities early can reduce the cost of investigating later.
Experts for you
Results are accurately and reliably explained by our fertility experts.

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